¡Hola Chicas!

Have you heard about hair plopping?
It is a homemade technique to dry our hair and achieve defined and natural curls, without the need for hot tools. Wow!

What the step-by-step?
Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner, detangle, and with a towel do a kind of scrunching throughout the hair, to help with the frizz. Then, take a cotton cloth - you can use a turban too. Roll up all your hair and put it up. Let it dry completely, then release it, and voila…. fabulous waves remain.

Is it for all hair types?
It is a good idea for people who have straight hair and want to achieve waves. Also, it helps out those who have it with a natural wave and want it a little more defined. And if you have wavy hair but want more defined, longer, cute, and bouncy curls without frizz. Go for it!

Some of its benefits are:

  • Healthy hair
  • A hydrated hair
  • Achieve natural waves without heat instruments
Now is the time to put it into practice! Can't wait to see those waves #ALaMillie

Much Love,

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